Ayam Bawang, Garlic Chicken Java Style


Garlic chicken

Ayam bawang   Garlic chicken


1whole                      chicken (medium size)

8 cloves                     garlic

3cm                            ginger (or use two teaspoon dry ginger powder)

1cm                            turmeric (or use one teaspoon dry turmeric powder)

300ml                        water

To taste                     salt




Wash the chicken with salt under running water (to get rid of the slime and excessive unwanted fat) cut into four and set aside.


Grate the garlic, turmeric and ginger; mix well with the water and boil them until bubbling; add the chicken and salt and reduce the heat.  Simmer until the liquid has completely reduced.


Now you can fry your chicken or for healthy style you can grill them just until they turn into golden brown. Note; the chicken was already cooked in step 2.  Serve with chilli sambal/sauce and hot steamed rice.