Duck steak with ginger honey soy sauce

Duck Steak with honey ginger soy sauce


Duck steak with ginger honey soy-sauce





2 pcs                           duck breasts, skin on (optional)

2 tablespoons              honey

2 tablespoons              soy sauce

1 tablespoon               freshly grated ginger (can use dry ginger powder)

2 teaspoons                 freshly ground black pepper

125 ml                         chicken stock




Heat up a thick bottom frying pan or griddle in a high flame. Grill the duck breast, skin side on the bottom for about 5 minutes, then lower the flame to medium and cook the meat for a further 15 minutes (remove and set aside any excess fat). Turn the meat over and cook for about 7 minutes. Take out the meat and set aside.


Replace the excess fat saved earlier into the pan and add ginger and black pepper; fry it for few second then add the stock, honey, and soy sauce. Cook until the sauce is thickened (about 2 minutes). Switch off the flame and put the sauce aside.


Diagonally slice the duck meat into 6 or 7 pieces, arrange on a warm serving plate and pour the sauce over it. Serve with rice or mashed potato.