This tender and juicy meat patties is widely known as a hamburger in the whole world and I am sure everyone knows it.

Widely know around the world as a hamburger. although i don’t really know the meaning of hamburger but i like making it myself. I just call it burger some of you also probably call it pasties or patties. One thing for sure is if you make your own burger, you know how much fat in your meats because you can choose from range of 5%,15%, or 35% fat in your minced meat. You also can mix with different minced like chicken or pork for example.
Anyway here I only use minced beef and that is 5% fat lean minced. My husband often says he is eating the best burger in the world. (I am flying high whenever he says that). Happily sharing my home made burger recipe with you all. Here is what you will need for home made best burger.
Beef burgerBacon wrap
750 gr minced beef 5% fat.
3 clove of garlic. chopped and fry with 1 tablespoon olive oil.
1 egg.
1 tablespoon fry shallot. (you can buy in a supermarket) or make your own.
1 teaspoon of salt.
2 teaspoons ground black pepper.
2 tablespoons all purpose flour.
Home made burger
some bacon if you want to wrap your burger in it. (must try)
Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix it well. divided into 4 portions (about 200 gr uncooked burger). Using both of your palm bash each individual until it firm then flatten it to shape it into burger.
You can wrap it with bacon or cook on it’s own. Cook each burger for 3 minutes each side to get beautifully brown outside but tender and juicy inside. You can even freeze some if you have left over uncooked burger. Good luck.
Bacon wrap

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