Are you missing something good from the far east? Yes, why not try make this fresh healthy snacks at home.

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We have so many variations of food in this world.

I personally came from Indonesia and am living abroad. I can’t deny it that sometimes I miss Indonesian food or even Asian food. Since cooking is my passion, I am very fortunate that no matter where in the world my feet land I am able to cook my favourite healthy food.

Here is one of my favourites Asian snacks that originally came from Vietnam.

Vietnamese fresh spring rolls.


100 gr fresh beans sprouts.
100 gr grated carrots.
100 gr grated cucumber.
50 gr fresh Thai holy basil or substitute it with a fresh coriander leaves if you cannot get any holy basil.
50 gr ground salted peanuts.
10 pcs rice paper wraps.
Warm water to dip and soften the rice paper.

*You can buy rice paper wraps in Asian shop or buy it online now days.

*If you cannot get fresh beans sprouts, you can substitute it with rice vermicelli or glass noodles.

* You will need a plate to roll the spring rolls. As you can see in my pictures, I use a round chopping board.

Here is how you make it.
Dip the rice paper in the warm water for 10 seconds; lay it flat on your plate. In the centre add the fillings that we prepared earlier.

Roll one side to cover the fillings then fold in both side of the wrapper and roll it to the end.

There it is; your first fresh spring rolls done. Repeat the process for the rest of the ingredients. Serve with sweet chilli sauce or mild spicy hoisin sauce.

Don’t worry if you cannot roll them perfectly, no body is perfect for first try. I was there myself too 😀.

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