Some people call it snow pea and others call it mangetout. What do you call it in your home area?

You can serve this dish with olive oils mashed potatoes or you can just skip the mashed potatoes if you not fancy carbohydrate.  Either way you serve it you will enjoy this simple but delicious dish.  Go on check your freezer, make sure you have some salmon in stock.Salmon steak.jpg1

Salmon steak with mangetout salad



2 slice of salmon steak (180 g each).

200 gr snow pea/mangetout.

1 tablespoon aji-mirin (Japanese vinegar).

1 tablespoon roasted white sesame seed.

Salt and pepper to taste.


olive oil mashed potatoes



Wash the salmon and then pad dry them with paper towel/kitchen roll, season with salt and pepper and set aside.

Meanwhile wash the snow pea and dry them in a salad dryer/spinner, trim the both end of the pea and then slice them length ways thinly (thin match stick).   In a bowl mix together the pea, mirin and sesame seed add salt and pepper to taste then put them in the fridge while you cook the salmon steak.

Heat up a griddle or grill or frying pan, cook the salmon for 3 minutes each side then switch off the flame and let the salmon seat for at least 2 minutes in the hot grill/griddle/frying pan.  Arrange your pea salad on the plate and then put the salmon steak on top of it. Serve with olive oil mash potato.


Serve 2


Olive oil mash potato.


500 gr potato (2 medium size).

3 cloves of  garlic.

½ teaspoon salt.

½ teaspoon black pepper powder or freshly ground.

60 ml olive oil.

Enough water to boil or steam the potato.



Peel the potatoes cut them into chunk then boil or steam them with the garlic until very soft (reduces or skips the garlic if you or your family is not garlic lover).

When the potatoes are cook drain the water if you boil them add the salt and pepper and set aside for a minute.

Meanwhile in a different saucepan heat up the olive oil until smoking hot but not burn, switch off the fire and then add in the potatoes into the hot olive oil and mash them together with your masher or a hand mixer. Mash potato shall have smooth silky texture and rich of olive flavor, if you don’t get that it means your oil is not hot enough.

Serve 4


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