Salmon Steak with snow pea salad

Salmon steak with snow pea salad

Salmon steak with snow pea salad




2pcs                           salmon steak (180 g each)

200g                          snow peas

1tbsp                         aji-mirin (Japanese wine vinegar)

1tbsp                         roasted white sesame seed

To taste                     salt and pepper




  1. Wash the salmon and then pat them dry with paper towel/kitchen roll, season with salt and pepper and set aside.


  1. Meanwhile wash the peas and dry them in a salad dryer/spinner, trim both ends of the peas and then slice them lengthways thinly (thin as a match stick). In a bowl mix together the peas, mirin and sesame seeds and add salt and pepper to taste. Put them in the fridge while you cook the salmon steak.


  1. Heat up a griddle or grill or frying pan if you don’t have any other gadget, cook the salmon for 3 minutes each side then switch off the flame (or remove from the heat) and let the salmon sit for at least 2 minutes in the hot grill/griddle/frying pan.


  1. Arrange your pea salad on the plate and then put the salmon steak on top of it.  Serve with olive oil mashed potatoes.

Serves 2