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Herb or spice, ginger contains all kinds of substances that are good for the body. The following are among them:


1. Warms the body

The nature of warm ginger can help increase the body temperature. Kinds of beverage that are often enjoyed eg. ginger tea have become mandatory consumption for residents in mountainous areas.  Besides, ginger also has anti-virus and anti-toxin properties to help promote perspiration that can help treat coughs and colds.


2. Cancer Prevention:

Ginger extract was found to suppress the growth of some cancer cells, such as preventing the spread of the symptoms of skin cancer, pancreas, kidney cancer and lung cancer symptoms.


3. Troubleshooting Breathing

The most common respiratory problem suffered is a cough or a cold. Ginger is a type of natural expectorant that works in relieving the respiratory system, by breaking up and removing mucus so it can easily go out and allow the respiratory system to recover.


4. Smooth Digestion

Maybe at first we think of the benefits of fruits for digestive problems. During festive occasions, perhaps we eat a lot of food.  The choice of a ginger ale can help smooth disposal of food waste. Ginger helps the absorption of food and prevents the possibility of abdominal pain, because it is reducing inflammation.


5.  Overcoming Bruising and Pain

When the body experiences an impact, sometimes causing bruising, compounds in ginger juice(which is an anti-inflammatory) can be used to relieve pain naturally and help prevent bruising.  Ginger, with its anti-inflammatory content, can also reduce the symptoms of pain in rheumatic diseases.


Benefits of ginger in beauty care

Ginger is also able to provide benefits for beauty. Some tips can be seen below:


6. Overcome Oily Skin

A natural mineral ingredient in ginger is believed to be effective in reducing  oily skin. Try the following way:-


Ingredients are grated ginger, sea salt, ground cinnamon and nutmeg.

Puree with water to form a paste.

Then apply on facial areas that produce a lot of oil.  Let stand for 10 minutes. Rinse skin with cold water

(You will probably feel a burning sensation from the ginger paste).


7.Eliminate dandruff

Ginger juice can be used as a shampoo that naturally helps reduce dandruff, similar to the benefits of lime. Ginger extract can also prevent hair loss problems.


There are lots more benefist from ginger… click the link below for more information.




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