Pasta with chilli squid sauce

Pasta with chilli squid sauce


Squid chilli sauce


4 pcs                          medium squid

2 clove                       garlic

1 pcs                          medium onion

3 pcs                          medium tomatoes

3 pcs                          red chillies (jalapeno size)

3 pcs                          small chillies (birds eye)

1 tbsp                        olive oil

1 tbsp                        tamarind juice or fresh lemon juice

1 cup                         fish stock

1 tbsp                        oyster sauce

Salt and pepper to taste



1        Wash the squid and remove the skin, black ink, and the back bone from the body.  Cut into half and score in grid fashion, not cutting all the way through to make a flower shape or just slice them into rings, set aside.

2         In a mortar and pestle or a blender, ground together the garlic, onion, chillies and tomatoes into a fine paste, or just finely chop them if you don’t have the gadget.

3         Heat the oil in a wok; add in the tomato and onion chilli paste; fry it until it has a fragrant smell then add the fish stock and oyster sauce; add salt and pepper to taste, then add in the squid. Cook only for a couple of minutes, once the squid pieces are curling up they are done (don’t cook them too long as you will get chewy and rubbery squid).

4          Switch off the flame then quickly add in the tamarind or the lemon juice. Serve over cooked pasta or steamed jasmine rice.